Friday, September 16, 2011


4 games were played today. There were 4 players available, while Wan Mahathir will be joining the fray tomorrow. The players who managed to complete their games today were Abdul Haq, Ariez Azman, Mohd Ezmi and Nasrul Humaimi.

Round 1

Mohd Ezmi Mahmood lost to Abdul Haq Mohamed
Ariez Azman drew with Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood

Round 2

Mohd Ezmi lost to Ariez Azman
Abdul Haq won against Nasrul Humaimi

Special thanks to arbiters Mr. Greg and Mr. Najib, and also to DATCC for preparing the venue. Hopefully tomorrow more intense battles will ensue.

Some pictures (taken from the official website):


The results after 2 days of play (Kuala Lumpur players) have been updated in the pages. All the games involving Nik Ahmad Farouqi are postponed. This is due to his mother's death sometime today (17 September 2011). May Allah bless her soul.

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