Saturday, January 07, 2012

CONFIRMED! It is a Scam

EASY! Complete this survey and you will get up to RM150 a day!

I put the above ad in my blog for nearly 3 weeks. The purpose was just to test whether it is a scam or not. I wanted to experience it myself because it sounded just too good to be true when you just have to complete a survey and earn some money. I also implore my friends in Facebook to join it, because I want to beat the minimum requirement of drawing the money in the fastest time possible. Today, I reached the minimum sum of USD1000 required for the payment. I pushed the payment button and, as predicted, nothing actually happened, apart from 'The (payment) application was created. Please, wait....'

Sorry for my friends who were involved in this scam because of me. I was duped myself before start googling for 'survey faq scam' and found many websites on this matter.

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