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For the umpteenth time The Red Knights (TRK) have failed to land their hands on the eluded National Closed Championship trophy and nobody except one Kelantanese has the National Master title in front of his name. I am not in the position to condemn any of TRK because I myself is not a National Master, but I can only comment according to their performance in the UMT.

Nik Ahmad Farouqi was the best performer for TRK when he managed to get 6th place. Among his notable games are a win against Sumant and draws against Abdul Rahim Ramli and Ahmad Fadzil Nayan. However, his losses against Ismail Ahmad and Yeoh Li Tian cost him dearly. Here are his detailed games:

Both Mohd Ezmi and Muhd Adam Hafiz performed quite the same when they finished 37th and 38th respectively. Mohd Ezmi performed well against three Terengganu players with 2.5 out of 3 points while Muhd Adam Hafiz only managed 1.5 from 3 points. 

In the Female Category, Najihah failed to retain her momentum when she only finished 9th. She had the opportunity to challenge for the honours but failed in her attempt to knock Nur Nabila from her perch. Instead, she lost again to Nithyalakshimi from Negeri Sembilan (Nine States) to get the number nine spot. 

Nonetheless, kudos to all TRKs as it was not easy to play against the very best. Better luck next year!

The full results for the OPEN CATEGORY can be read here while the results for the FEMALE CATEGORY can be read here.

In this post also I want to share with all readers a blindfold game played while I was driving Muhd Adam Hafiz and Najihah to Terengganu. I applaud Muhd Adam Hafiz (currently in Form Four) for his capability to finish the game as I only started playing blindfold games when I was in Form Five. Although I was busy watching the road, I managed to win the game with some help from his mistake. 

Actually, the moves 32.g5 and 32...a3 were not made during the game, but I put them there because Adam mistakenly moved 34.g6 (which should be 33.g5) to cover his Queen and without them, the subsequent moves were illegal. I was perplexed after the game finished and was quite sure that the pawn was still on g4, but dismissed it with the assumption that I might have missed it because I was concentrating on the road. You should put that in mind when you maybe commenting on whether Adam should be checkmating me with 34.Bh3+.   

Here are some pictures taken from TRKs' journey (credit, as usual, to Mohd Ezmi):


A game involving TRK taken from other sources:

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