Thursday, April 26, 2012


Now that every district in Kelantan has finished their players selection, the players should now prepare for the MSSK which will be held in Tanah Merah in two weeks time (I will post the details later). We want players who are worthy of their places in the state's team, not those who are lucky, or those who comes through back doors or wild cards, just because he or she is a son/daughter of certain people. And to prepare, one has to have proper trainings, either with their coaches or by themselves through extensive reading of chess materials or playing against friends or computer chess programmes. There is no short cuts to success; hard work is A MUST! 

One thing that players in Kelantan still lack is preparing against other players. This can be achieved through studying their game styles and openings which can be found in tournament bulletins. I can safely say this because players in Kelantan DO NOT READ bulletins, thus they do not know what their would be opponents are playing. 

Preparing against your opponent will make your job easier. Grandmasters always make home preparation against their opponents. When I was playing in Kuala Lumpur some time ago, I always prepared against my opponents, especially in big tournaments such as the Royal Selangor Open. I have written about home preparation many times in my blog (you can read them here) but still Kelantan players attitude does not change. 

Hopefully Kelantan players will go far and stamp their mark this coming MSSM.



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