Friday, August 08, 2014


Today I played my 5000th game in the rapid category of chess server. I would stop playing the rapid games as it is clear that I could not play fast nowadays. Many of those games I lost due to time pressure, and in quite a lot of them I was in the winning position. I am now playing in a slower time control category and I think I am doing quite well. 

Here is the stats for my games:

In my 5000th game, I luckily won although we were both in time trouble. It was a sharp Sicilian game where both of us castled on the opposite sides and raced to get to the enemy's King. In the end, he lost on time at the point where he would be checkmated in two moves. 

The diagram below shows one of my lost due to the rapid time control when I could not find the checkmate. By the time I was giving him a perpetual check in order to search for the mate, time was out. You might think that 'This is an easy one!', but try to imagine that you only have seconds to search for it, coupled with the server lag.

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