Friday, November 07, 2008

Dasher (2450) vs Yours Truly


Last night I got a good position against the Dasher. I was an exchange down but the Queen and the Knights had a good opportunity to put a sucker punch. However, in time scramble, I did not find the best continuation. From the position I moved 26... Rf8 and lost. White replied 27.Qc4 and the Queen got to the defense just in time. After I made some analysis, I found the idea of retreating the Bishop to attack another diagonal. I should have moved..

26... Bb7

27.Qxb6 Ba6
The point. Black threatened mate at f1.

White must defend f4, or else my Knight will take this spot with devastating effect. For example 28.Nc2 Nf4! (diagram right) 29.gxf4 Qxf3, 30.Rf1 Qh3

28.... e4, 29. Qc6 Bxd3, 30.Qxa8+ Kh7 and Black should win.

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