Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Its been a long while now that IM Mas Hafizulhelmi (picture right) top the Malaysian chess rating chart, but still there is no grandmaster (GM) in Malaysia. He is currently rated at 2439 and is striving to complete his final GM norm. His employer, Petronas, even backs him and gives him 18 months in order to complete his quest. I originally thought that he only has to upgrade his rating to 24++ to achieve his final GM norm, but I am perplexed how he is still to get his title. I played against him once only - during the simultaneous event at the University of Malaya way back in 1998 - and lost. I would like to play against him again though, one-on-one, hopefully after he achieved his GM title and be the first player to beat a Malaysian GM!

Here is the game I played against him in 1998:

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