Sunday, December 06, 2009


After the revival of MSSM chess in the not so distance past, it will be heading, yes, HEADing, for the guillotine again. According the romours circulating lately, chess will be chopped off from the MSSM calendar next year. One of our chess bloggers is raving about it, writing concerned post in his blog. To follow suit, I'll be writing a piece in my post.

I'm a teacher in Kelantan, and I'm devoted to any development for chess, especially in Kelantan. That is one of the reason I became a teacher; in order to be involved in the root development of chess in Malaysia. I know in order for us to have a Grandmaster, the kids are the subject matter, not the adults like me who already past their prime, or lost in the daily business of family life. Those kids still to learn aplenty, and chess should be part and parcel in that learning process.

However, to stop this development by scrapping chess from MSSM calendar is inacceptable. I could not even imagine the kids faces if they are told that there will no chess for them next year. Without competitions, there will be no training. No training means no chess players. I can see in the near future there will be no more Mas Hafizulhelmis or Anas Nazreens coming out from the schools.

This is totally against the circular from the Ministry of Education which clearly states in para 2(c) that competitions should be held for the sake of its development. And if the MSSM chess competition is not THE competition, then what is? Not everybody can afford to enter the open tournaments, especially in rural areas where money is a rare commodity. This will result in wasting talents which should be spotted in inter-school tournaments.

Moreover, kids ought to play against those in their level in order for them to become more interested in chess. If they enter the open, got beaten everytime without any chances of winning, the frustration will kill every bit of enthusiasm they have. I know this so after 4 years of training the kids in my school.

I hope that if the rumours are true, it will not be the death of chess.


GiLoCatur said...

Perkara ini menjadi perbualan hangat di kalangan ibubapa yg berada di Pusat Kecemerlangan Sukan Cochrane di mana National Junior Chess Championship sedang berlansung sekarang.

Beberapa usaha sedang dilakukan agar perkara ini tidak berlaku.

1) Cikgu Zull & Cikgu Sufi berkempen dalam laman blog mereka di

2) Satu surat petisyen telah dibuat dan ditandatangani oleh pemain2 catur di NJCC untuk diserahkan kepada pihak yg berkenaan.

3) Seorang parent telah confront beberapa pegawai berkenaan perkara ini.

n@jd0rf said...

Tambahan pulak dalam Sukan SEA Jakarta 2011 ada catur.. perkh.. lengkap... inshaALlah berjaya...


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