Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The January MCF rating has been published. There are several Kelantan players who were active and they either gained points or lost them.

IM Mas gathered 5 points to still head the pack at 2275.

Nik Ahmad Farouqi lost a point and now stand at 1914, the same rating as the inactive Abdul Haq.

Nik Ahmad Nazri, who is now at 1789, gained 9 points to go above Syed Azizi.

Another active player, Ariez, was down 2 points from previous rating. He is now at 1605.

Izuddin Ahayat gain 10 points from the previous 1579 to overtake Rosmizal

However, nobody can deny that Norazlin Juarih (BadBishop) is the most progressive player in the period of October to January to gain 70 points to become 1561 from his previous 1491.

There is also a new entrant: Mohd Izani Mohd Tarizi starting at 1283.

Nevertheless, our junior players lost so many points, in particular:
Fatih Nor Sahariah lost 67 points from 1410 to stand at 1383.
Norazlisa lost 62 points from 1323 to 1261.
Nik Muhd Haziq lost 52 points from 1306, and
Muhd Faiz Zakaria lost 58 points from 1314 to stand at 1256.

I don't want to speculate, but there must be something wrong with our junior players. The lost of more than 50 rating points in the period of three months is not acceptable. We must address the problems quickly if we do not want to be too far behind of other states where the junior players are challenging the senior players regularly in big tournaments. I think it must be either the attitude of the players themselves who are not very keen to make self improvement, or the training methods which can not get their full potentials out. It is useless to point fingers at anybody in particular, but we must solve this problem together so that Kelantan will be a force to be reckoned with in the near future.


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