Monday, August 11, 2014


The Malaysian chess team is currently battling their wits in the land of the reigning World Champion, Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. As per post, Malaysia male chess team is in 48th placing from the 177 participating countries. This is very impressive considering the team composition which comprises of mostly new faces.

Although there are many sites providing the coverage, I watch their performance every night at Its interactive features are quite good, so you may try it yourself.

Tonight in Round 9 the male team is playing Tajikistan. Hopefully the chess team will get the chance to revenge our football team loss to Tajikistan under the new coach Dollah Salleh.

The team's results can be accessed in the server. Please click here.

picture courtesy of Biro Catur Wanita MCF

Male Team

1. IM Lim Yee-Weng (FIDE 2311)
2. Aron Teh Eu Wen (2309)
3. Fong Yit San (2143)
4. Sumant Subramaniam (2075)
5. Ahmad Fadzil Nayan (2121)

Female Team

1. WFM Alia Anin Azwa Bakri (1964)
2. WCM Tan Li Ting (1945)
3. WCM Nur Nabila Azman Hisham (1916)
4. WFM Nur Najiha Azman Hisham (1886)
5. Puteri Rifqah Fahada Azhar (1860)


abdooss said...

Come On, Malaysia!


Frankie Kam said...

Keep improving Malaysia.

Cikgu Azizul said...

For me, Malaysia has improved. Getting up to the third board in the final round says something I reckon.


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