Sunday, January 24, 2010


Everybody wants good news first, so here it is: there is still hope for chess in MSSM. Reading Gilocatur's blog and Tony Mariadass' article sparks my enthusiasm to share this piece of news with you. The Deputy Prime Minister (who is also the Education Minister) is UNAWARE of the exclusion of the 11 sports from MSSM calendar. This according to the closing address by Tunku Tan Sri Imran (picture right) at the Olympic Council of Malaysia's conference held on Jan 16. A firm believer of grassroots development, he revealed the DPM surprise response when told about the matter:

"How can that be? Here I am talking about making sports a policy in schools and here they have cut the number of sports organised in schools. I am not aware of this."

This brings us to the sad (but not entirely bad, I hope) news: why is that the DPM claimed that he did not know about the exclusion? One can speculate that the MSSM now is in a really bad shape that they did not even bother to consult everybody in charge before making the decision. The cut should not be an excuse for exclusion, instead, the budget should be divided equally to all the sports, remaining of which should be covered by sponsors.

All matters aside, what can we do now is for all responsible parties to start reinstating the excluded sports back into the calendar, and it should be made now, for the school term is already a month old. Failure to act fast will piled up the sports calendar against academic matters, which is the most important thing in school.

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