Sunday, January 10, 2010


It is not a rumour anymore. It is now CONFIRMED that chess is one of the sports SLASHED from the MSSM calendar this year. According the the news, chess, along with 10 other sports, will not be held in the MSSM level because of the budget constraints from the government. This includes sports that have put Malaysia on the world map such as squash, bowling and archery. I found many things which contradicts this unacceptable move.

1. First of all, if I read correctly, our Youth and Sports Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Chik said in his opening speech at the Malaysian Chess Festival 2009 about his hope to see a Malaysian Grandmaster to promote the country's name in the international chess scene.

2. The circular from the Ministry of Education itself stating that competitions should be held to improve the game as it is found beneficial for students.

3. The implementation of merit points to help students in their application for universities. Those students who rely on chess as their weapon to gain entry to universities will have to compete with other students in other sports.

Based on these factors, I found it hard to swallow the decision. I can see that many teachers will not be as enthusiastic as ever in coaching their students because there will be no competition at the national level. Slowly but surely, hidden chess talents will not be found in time for SEA Games Jakarta in 2011.


GiLoCatur said...

Suatu keadaan yg amat menyedihkan.

Bak kata org putih, sooooo sad ... soooo pathetic ..

Bagaimana ya untuk mengubah mindset rakyat di negara tercinta ini yg tidak suka kepada perkara kebaikan .. sebgai contoh MEMBACA .. dan juga CATUR yg sudah jelas terbukti banyak kebaikannya ..

wallahua'lam ..

n@jd0rf said...

Saya baru saja mesy ko-ku di sekolah. Tidak tergambar kesedihan bila catur tidak dimasukkan lgsg dlm perancangan sekolah. Nampaknya saya terpaksa lakukan sesuatu yg drastik, agar catur dpt membuka minda pihak pentadbir sekolah.


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