Friday, March 26, 2010


My recent post has caused some debate. In my hastiness, I reached a conclusion on a matter of which I was not on-hand to witness. Listening on a side of story is never enough to make a decision, and I will painfully learn that the hard way. The conclusion I made 'my personal opinion is that the person in Rizal's case should be banned from local chess scene' is deemed one-sided, thus another look is mandatory. I found here the other side, and I will refrain myself from judging, and leave it to the readers to make their own. The subject of cheating will always be vague, unless it can be proven with facts. In both my stories, I wrote it as my own humble opinion, and it is subject to contradiction from other side of views. No need to go barging in the shoutbox and naming names, as I did not, and will not, reveal the names. It is true that in both cases I felt cheated, thus the title of the post, but others may find it offensive. Nevertheless, I stand by that everybody is to his own opinion, or we should have not been given the brain for it.

Again, my sincere apology to all.

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